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dispenseIT System

innovateIT has developed a simple consistent performing chemical delivery system.

    • Key features
      • Nonproprietary solenoid parts allow users to access replacement parts from a variety of sources
      • Stainless steel construction, not plastic
      • On wheels, roll into position and simply provide 1.5” water feed, 3/8” airline feed, 3ph power feed along with your functions and you’re ready for operation
        Grundfos pumps all with integrated VFD for ease of operation and support
      • Utilizes Dema Engineering’s Rocket injector- stainless steel construction and repairable
      • Dilution rates up to 700:1
        Accessibility for repairs is greatly enhanced by the design of the system
    • Chemical Delivery System Configuration Options
      • 15 Function
      • 20 Function
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