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Innovative Durable Modern Consistent Repeatable Car Wash Solutions

Innovative Durable Modern Consistent Repeatable

Car Wash Solutions

We create high-quality and consistent car wash solutions using innovative technology and durable materials

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Are you under pressure to operate your car wash more efficiently with minimum or no downtime?

innovateIT’s industry-leading technology allows our equipment to perform at it’s best every hour of every day. Thanks to first-in-class innovations, you’ll be able to produce an impressive, consistent, clean car for your customers while operating as efficiently as possible.


We live in an Unlimited Washing World. Can your equipment withstand the demand?

During the last decade, Unlimited Washing has revolutionized the industry. Today, you need long-lasting equipment that performs consistently from open to close. All of innovateIT’s solutions are designed with durability in mind and forged from stainless steel and outfitted with nonproprietary parts.


You have skin in the game and we know how it feels

innovateIT was born from more than 50 years of car wash experience. When we couldn’t find the best solutions for our operations, we developed them ourselves. Our products are made by car wash operators for car wash operators.

Can You Handle Unlimited Washing Volume?

Bluebird Car Wash Location

BlueBird Car Wash

“I purchase equipment based on a few factors: durability, design, and most importantly customer service. The innovateIT crew has been with us every step of the way and it provides immense value to our organization.”

– John Fery / Operating Partner

Hoffman Car Wash

“innovateIT’s equipment allows us to wash cars more efficiently and safer with some advanced control systems that help put out the best quality car we’ve ever produced.”

– Tom Hoffman Jr. / Owner & CEO

Hoffman Car Wash Location

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