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hangIT Arch

Durable, Precise, Customizable Applicator Arch To Fit Car Washes of all Sizes

hangIT Arch
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Unlimited Configurations

Create a highly adjustable and scalable chemical application system without the need for purchasing multiple arches

Get Dialed In

Position your applicators at multiple heights and angles to provide consistent and repeatable quality

Frees You Up To Do More

Elevate your application system to free up precious tunnel space for more innovateIT solutions, raising your wash to a new level

Hoffman Car Wash

“The hangIT arch’s adaptability made adding new chemical applications incredibly simple. You can’t overstate its convenience.”

– Dave Brooks / Direction of Operations

Key Features

93 Miscellaneous 18 solid

Built to Last

Constructed from stainless steel, the unit can handle just about anything your car wash throws at it

Plays Nicely with Others

Outfit the arch with all new applicators or repurpose your existing chemical delivery equipment

You Set the Length

You decide the exact length and allow us to produce a customized arch to fit the exact specifications of your tunnel

Stay for the Show

WOW your customers with an impressive visual of the product applicationĀ 

Made In The USA

All innovateIT products are designed, tested, manufactured, and shipped from our headquarters in Albany, NY

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Stainless Steel

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