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5 Tips To Maximize Your Marketing

Maximize Marketing
The continued rapid growth of the car wash industry and the increase in competition now make maximizing your marketing efforts more important than ever.  
It’s vital to have an established plan to capture and leverage customer data and quantify the results from your marketing campaigns. Without that infrastructure in place, you can easily find yourself missing opportunities to convert single visit washer to a long time unlimited member.
Here are five tips from International Car Wash Association‘s Editor-In-Chief and Brand Officer Matt DeWolf on how to make the most of your marketing.

1.) Establish Your Vision For Your Brand

Number one – you’ve got to know who you are as a company and as an organization. Who do you want to be when you grow up? Do you have that vision set in place so that you can go back and say, ‘That does or doesn’t really align with where we want to be’…You’ve also got to know your customers. Who are you trying to attract to your business? What’s the demographic that you’re going after?

2.) Outline Your Plan

It all starts with making a plan; it might be an annual plan, a quarterly or a monthly plan. There might be variations of that, but you have to start somewhere. Map out what you’re doing and make sure that you’ve got a visual representation of that. From there, you can determine where you’ll need to start applying resources.

3.) Set Up Your First Party Data Infrastructure & Measurements of Success

No matter what size of operation we are, we need to be really intentional with how we plan on using fist party data…How are we using that data to make the customer experience or the customer journey better?

I think that one of the biggest traps that we get into when it comes to measuring results is that we try to measure everything. We try to have 15 different KPIs that are going to indicate success…Pick a couple of things that are important to you and your vision, and use those to drive your decisions.

4.) Collect Your Data

As much as we want to try to provide offers and promotions for our customers, we need to be really intentional in making sure that we’re getting something in return for that…Unless you’re collecting some customer data along the way to put into your CRM that you can leverage later, it’s wasted effort and you’re missing a giant opportunity.

5.) Test, Test, Test

In order to find our what’s most effective, you have to test your creative and channels. You can then measure those results against your previously established KPIs. This will allow you to find out what advertising channels make the most sense for you and potential areas of opportunity. 

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