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washIT Tunnel Controller

Industry-Leading Integrated Car Wash Tunnel Controller


Integrate all of your car wash's controls on one proven system, simplifying installation and maintenance and maximizing efficiency

Expansion Made Easy

Easily add software and hardware modules for any future additions or adjustments to your tunnel

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Safety First

Wash cars safely with industry-leading wrap around and top brush controls, as well as the ability to seamlessly integrate NoPileup tunnel collision software

Hoffman Car Wash

“innovateIT’s advanced control systems allow us to wash cars more efficiently and safely, helping us put out the best quality car we’ve ever produced.”

– Tom Hoffman Jr. / CEO

Key Features

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Stay In Contact

Soft touch brush control and wrap around control can sense open truck beds, roof racks, mirrors, front license plates and trailer hitches, ensuring constant contact with the vehicle

Need For Speed

Automatically adjust your conveyor speed control based on performance to optimize production speed and efficiency

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Built To Last

Heavy duty machine controller used in worldwide industrial applications with no PC required to be operational 

Build Your Network

Ethernet communication is available for blowers, pump pressures, brush speed and conveyor speed

Information Station

Receive real-time feedback from your car wash systems on the controller’s HMI, including errors and faults

Made In The USA

All innovateIT products are designed, tested, manufactured, and shipped from our headquarters in Albany, NY

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  • 1.5″ Water Feed


  • 3/8″ at 85 PSI Airline Feed


  • Pump
    • 5 HP: 208/230 18A or 480 8A
    • 7.5 HP: 208/230 250A or 480 11A
  • Controls
    • 24 AC or DC
    • 120 VAC

61″ Width x 60″ Height x 24″ Depth

Stainless Steel Frame and Solenoids

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