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wheelblastIT Manual – Starting the System

Table of contents

Starting The System #

  • Power up control 120vac circuit for the control cabinet
  • Power up the 3ph circuit for the VFDs
  • The control cabinet contains customer specific information entered into the HMI on the front of the cabinet door
    • Press the menu button (bottom right button, see picture below)

Control Cabinet wheelblastIT Screen

    • Press conveyor setup button (top button, see picture below)

Conveyor Setup Screen

  • Enter in the information for your specific conveyor setup
    • You should be able to obtain this information from your tunnel controller
    • This information needs to be correct to ensure proper performance of the wheelblastIT

Conveyor Setup Screen 2

  • Once all of information is correctly entered you may now start the process of getting the wheelblastIT trolleys moving correctly
  • Using your hand, push both trolleys to the middle of their travel path
  • With one person watching the main screen and one person at the wheelblasIT, place a metal object in front of the driver’s side proximity switch
  • The main screen middle bit lamp should display “DS Prox Home” (see picture below)
    • Repeat for the passenger’s side
    • Do not proceed until this is correct

DX Prox Home Screen

  • Check rotation of the motors to make sure they are wired correctly.
    • Turn on 3ph power
    • Turn on rotary disconnect on outside of cabinet
    • Turn on disconnects inside the control panel for each motor
    • Check VFDs to make sure they lit up
    • Go to the WB Movement Settings & Test screen (see picture below)

WB Movement Settings Screen

  • Ensure both trolleys are in the middle of their travel path
    • Press “DS Auto” and “PS Auto” buttons (see picture below)
    • Press the “Force FWD” button momentarily
      • Both trolleys should move towards the exit of the car wash
      • If incorrect, have a qualified electrician switch 2 of the wires going to the motor at the terminal strip to reverse rotation
      • Turn off 3ph power and wait until VFD display goes out

WB Movement Settings Screen 2

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