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dispenseIT SS AF

innovateIT has developed an effective and efficient chemical delivery system for self service bay applications. After a function is used, the line can be blown out with air and injected with methanol solution to protect it from freezing. The system is user adjustable to tune into your specific weather conditions.

  • Key features
    • Nonproprietary solenoid parts allow access replacement parts from a variety of sources
    • Stainless steel construction, not plastic
    • On wheels, roll into position and simply provide 1.5” water feed, 3/8” airline feed, 3ph power feed along with your functions and you’re ready for operation
    • Grundfos pumps all with integrated VFD for ease of operation and support
    • Utilizes Dema Engineering’s Rocket injector- stainless steel construction and repairable
    • Dilution rates up to 700:1
    • Design of the system greatly enhances accessibility for repairs
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