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RO ‘Flow On Demand’

One of the biggest drawbacks of typical reverse osmosis systems is that they’re designed to continuously produce R.O. spot-free rinse water without taking into account the need from the car wash. 

Because of this constant production, these systems require large storage tanks, which increase the installed cost of the R.O. system. The external tanks also require a significant amount of space in the backroom or underground. 

Flow On Demand

innovateIT’s Reverse Osmosis Spot-Free Rinse System utilizes revolutionary R.O. ‘Flow on Demand’ technology that automatically adjusts R.O. production to match wash volume.

This approach eliminates the need for eliminating the need for generating and storing large amounts of R.O. overnight. 

How It Works

Flow on Demand

As your wash volume (cars per hour) and R.O. demand (Flow GPM) increase, the system’s PLC controller ramps up the Grundfos pump speed, increasing R.O. production while maintaining high operating efficiency.

The ‘Flow on Demand’ feature provides several benefits:

  • RO production capacity meets the highest demand usage for the tunnel and accounts for changes in feed water temperature across seasons
  • The pump can operate at lower pressures for longer periods when less R.O. is required
  • The system’s membranes can operate at reduced flow rates, extending membrane life
  • Pump cycling is greatly reduced, as is energy consumption per gallon of R.O. produced
  • The system can still run efficiently during periods of low or intermittent car wash volume
  • R.O. is only produced as needed for the actual volume of cars entering the tunnel, eliminating the need for external storage tanks

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