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Are You In Control Of Your Tunnel?

Car Wash Tunnel

Have you ever heard of “the internet of things? It’s the concept that all individual components work on a single network. Your car wash is one giant information technology system made up of thousands of micro-systems.

A computer is controlling almost every piece — if not all — of equipment in your tunnel. So why are you using different operating systems to operate your equipment? You have an ABC Brand controller for that piece of equipment, and you have an XYZ Brand controller for this device. It’s like driving a different car depending on the width of the highway.

Since innovateIT was born and bred on — you guessed it — innovation, programming is one of our specialties.

“We’re always looking at new control systems and sensors,” said Hoffman Development/innovateIT CEO Tom Hoffman Jr. “Things are improving in electronics and control systems and computers. When you see all these individual things [outside of the industry], because of our experience, we can relate it to a carwash process, which is really a factory producing clean cars.

So we come up with these ideas because of our experience and incorporate them into the wash process, especially if we can improve the quality or the safety or the customer experience.”

innovateIT’s control systems do play nicely in the sandbox with other kids. They a specifically designed to be integrated with other manufacturer’s equipment.

“Even some of the world’s best operators pick and choose different pieces of equipment from different manufacturers,” said Director of Product Development Shane Groff. “They piecemeal their tunnels together because they like this piece of equipment and will put it next to that piece of equipment. Then they run into a situation where they have three, four, or five different systems and have to figure out how to get them to communicate together and get them to run efficiently together.”

Using this model, Hoffman Car Wash, for example, controls its heat, air conditioning, air compressors, tunnel arches, vacuums, etc., all from one system.

“Whenever we write code, we make it to design it so it can work with a wraparound from AVW or a wraparound from Sonny’s,” Groff said. These companies build some fabulous equipment, and we make control systems that can enhance the performance and take them to the next level.”

To find out more information or to get started with innovateIT’s control system, email or call (518) 741-4200.

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