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Author: Dan St-Jacques

2022 Northeast Regional Carwash Convention

innovateIT x NRCC




by innovateIT

Reverse Osmosis Spot Free

Innovative Carbon Block Filters

Grundfos Pump with Integrated VFD

User-Friendly Touchscreen Interface

 High-Efficiency Membranes

Stainless Steel Frame & Plumbing

Integrated Storage Tank

Built-In Re-Pressurization Pump

Optional Wheels To Simplify Installation


'Flow On Demand' technology matches production of high-quality spot-free water to your demand while maintaining high operating efficiency

Includes high-efficiency industrial membranes, stainless steel construction, Grundfos VFD pump and a user-friendly touchscreen interface

Easily serviceable carbon block filters remove chlorine and contaminants to prolong the life of the system​

Designed to simplify installation and integration, provide long trouble-free operation and reduce life cycle cost



Simple, Durable & Precise
Chemical Delivery System


Adjustable and Consistent Performing High-Pressure Arch For Online Prepping



Simple and Consistent Performing Oscillating High-Pressure Rinse Arch



Intuitive, High-Pressure, Follow-Along Wheel Blaster for High Volume

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis

Fully Integrated, High-Efficiency R.O.
Spot-Free System


 Water Reclaim System That Turns Your Backroom Into a Water Treatment Facility



Durable, Precise, Customizable & Scalable Chemical Application Arch

Motor Control Center

Motor Control Center

Motor Control Centers for Car Washes
of All Sizes

Tunnel Controller

Integrated Heavy Duty Car Wash
Tunnel Controller


Travis Mills

Sponsored by innovateIT

Travis Mills

About Travis Mills

The 2022 NRCC keynote speech, sponsored by innovateIT, will be given by New York Times best-selling author of “Tough as They Come,” Travis Mills. He is noted as a uniting figure capable of transcending partisanship in times of crisis and was praised for his leadership after Superstorm Sandy.

Mills is a retired United States Army Staff Sergeant who calls himself a recalibrated warrior, motivational speaker, actor, author and advocate for veterans and amputees. Staff Sergeant Mills lost potions of both arms and legs from an IED while on active duty in Afghanistan. He continues to overcome life’s challenges daily by breaking physical barriers and defying the odds. His drive and positivity is infectious.

Mills and his wife Kelsey founded the Travis Mills Foundation, a nonprofit organization, to benefit and assist post 9/11 veterans who have been injured in active duty or as a result of their service to the country. He also started, shortly after forming the foundation, The Mills Group LLC, affording him the opportunity to speak to companies and organizations nationwide inspiring all to overcome life’s challenges and adversity. “Hearing Travis’ story and seeing what he has done to make his life so rich and philanthropic will inspire us all,” said Ellard. “He has risen above adversity and given back in a way few of us could ever imagine.”

You can catch Travis’s keynote speech at 11 a.m. Tuesday, September 20th. 

Atlantic City Convention Center

Motor Control Centers

Motor Control Center

Dan St-Jacques

Industry-Leading Motor Control Centers for Car Washes of all Sizes

Motor Control Center

UL508A Certified

Your motor control centers feature a robust and precise design and a UL508a certified fabrication

Customize, user, profile, Account, Cog, Gear

Designed For You

Customized to your equipment and designed to meet your specific needs

hand, settings, equalizer, seo, manual settings, User Setup, custom settings,

Multiple Configurations

Available with motor starters or VFDs. VFDs can be configured with Ethernet or Modbus communication

Key Features

Artboard 2

Easy Installation

All wiring is completed to a terminal strip for easy and cost-effective installation

Safety First

Each circuit comes equipped with a lockable disconnect for service and safety

Room To Grow

Designed with the ability to expand for future upgrades

Made In The USA

All innovateIT products are designed, tested, manufactured, and shipped from our headquarters in Albany, NY

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• Available in 208, 230, 240 and 480 volt configurations

Available with innovateIT washIT tunnel controller

  • Remotely monitor faults, amperage, voltage and pressures
  • Monitor overload status 

Unlimited Car Wash Programs: 5 Areas To Evaluate

unlimited washing

Unlimited Car Wash Programs: 5 Areas To Evaluate

unlimited washing
Over the last 10 years the car wash industry has increasingly shifted to an emphasis on unlimited washing programs, which also presents challenges. An increased reliance on unlimited car washing means more demands on your facilities, your staff, and your equipment. Here are 5 areas to evaluate as you look to scale your unlimited membership.

1.) Pricing Your Product

Many operators will turn to discounting their Unlimited programs to attract new customers with a promotions that look something like ‘Buy a single wash today, you’ll be enrolled in the unlimited program for three months for free.’ There’s nothing inherently wrong with discounting the program, as your main goal is to build a habit within a customer. However, your pricing doesn’t ultimately determine who will enroll, or stay enrolled, in your program.
How you price your product is marketing…What are you doing by discounting? You’re driving traffic, but in a way are you de-valuing your product? If price was all that was important to people then no one would drive BMWs or Lexus. The most important thing is the value that you provide your customer. If you can actually provide a quality service and prove to your customers you’re worth $29 per month or whatever you’re charging, then the price isn’t even a consideration.
-Kevin Zalaznik / Director of Marketing, Hoffman Car Wash

2.) Sizing Your Sites

As you add additional locations or grow your Unlimited program at your existing stores, it’s imperative that you consider the physical layout of your locations from the property size to the equipment room. 
With our unlimited program we’re washing so many more cars now. We need bigger pieces of property. We need bigger tunnels so we can wash more cars per hour and so we can accommodate more equipment. Then because we need more equipment, we need more space in our equipment room. In the end, more space makes it easier to work in those locations from a maintenance standpoint, while also helping provide our customers with a better wash experience.
-Tom Hoffman Jr. / CEO, Hoffman Car Wash

3.) Labor & Automation

There’s only two real solutions to continue processing cars consistently and efficiently as volume increases: add additional labor or add more equipment and rely on automating more of the wash process. 
With minimum wage rising and the labor market in its current state, we know we’re going to need to wash cars more efficiently with less labor. That means we have to automate the tunnel and install more equipment. We need to be able clean the car as well as we used to with far fewer employees than we used to have.
-Tom Hoffman Jr. / CEO, Hoffman Car Wash

4.) IT Systems

More members means storing more data. Car washes have evolved into information technology companies and data warehouses. An IT department has become essential not only because of the increasingly sophisticated equipment and reliance on automation, but also because of the amount of data that operators need to keep secure.
If you’re just hoping and praying that your point-of- sale company is going to ensure your network is secure that’s a recipe for disaster. That’s out of the POS’s scope. It’s about taking ownership of what’s yours. The system is yours. The network is yours. You’re storing a ton of of sensitive information including payment information, customer records, as well as employee information. It’s the operator’s responsibility to ensure they have the systems in place to secure those items.
AJ Davison / Director of IT, Hoffman Car Wash

5.) Evaluating Your Equipment

An increase in unlimited membership coincides with an increase in volume, which means you must evaluate the durability of your equipment.
Today, the wash volume of the average operator would’ve been considered high volume 10 years ago. Now with the increase of unlimited washing, high-volume stores can be washing 4-600,000 cars a year. If you wash 600,000 cars in one year or a hundred thousand cars over six years, the demand on your equipment is not the same. As volume increases you have to evaluate the durability of your equipment. Can you provide consistent, repeatable quality? Can your equipment withstand the increased volume? You don’t want to be retooling your wash bay every year, so you need to be outfitting your tunnel with equipment that can handle the demand. 
Shane Groff / Director of National Sales & Innovation, innovateIT

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