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dispenseIT Manual – Principles of Operation

Principles of Operation #

  • The innovateIT dispenseIT belongs to the general category of the chemical delivery systems.
    • innovateIT Car Wash Equipment LLC’s expectation for this system is that, when correctly installed and settings adjusted for site-specific conditions, the dispenseIT will operate without trouble for several year
    • The dispenseIT system’s responsibility is to consistently deliver accurate chemical solution to an applicator. The dispenseIT system is available with 120vac or 24vac activated solenoids.

System Operation #

  • The dispenseIT operation consists of a series of solenoids controlled by the tunnel controller.

Chemical Delivery #

  • The tunnel controller delivers power (24vac or 120vac) to open the solenoid coils and energy a relay in the control box, which sends a signal to the booster pump.
  • Stainless steel solenoid opens and the water from the booster pump flows to the injector at a maximum pressure of 200psi.
  • The pressure drop from the inlet of the injector and the outlet of the injector creates the siphoning effect that pulls the raw chemical up the draw line from the barrel.
    • As the raw chemical reaches the injector it has to pass through the dilution tip before entering the injector.
    • The orifice size in the dilution tip is what determines the mixture of raw chemical and water.
    • The chemical is siphoned into the water stream in the injector. This diluted mixture is then delivered to the applicator.
  • When the diluted mixture reaches the applicator, compressed air is forced through the mixture causing the mixture to create foam.
    • The amount of air forced through the mixture determines how thick or thin the foam becomes.
    • More air will create more foam, while less air creates a thinner mixture.
    • Too much air can cause back pressure against the liquid side causing it not to flow. Generally there won’t be over 40psi of air introduced.

Injector Sizing #

  • The injector requires a certain amount of pressure drop from the inlet to the outlet.
  • Each color injector is rated by the GPM at which it will flow.
  • The rating for each injector can be found section 7. – Tuning Applications
    • If an injector is chosen that is too large for the applicator, too much back pressure will be on the outlet of the injector and it will not draw chemical.
    • In this scenario when the solenoid is first energized the injector will draw chemical momentarily, then stop drawing chemical as the back pressure builds up.
    • When this happens it is a clear sign the injector is sized improperly.  orifice and permanently change the flow rate.

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