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dispenseIT Manual – Starting the System

  • Turn on 3ph power to pump
    • Press the power button on the pump’s screen (lower right button, fig. 13)

Fig 13

  • Override one function on the tunnel controller to check the rotation of the pump
    • Following the arrows on the pump, look down into the top of the pump and see which direction the fan is spinning (should be counterclockwise). You will need a flashlight to see the fan
      • If clockwise, have a qualified electrician change any two of the feed wires to the pump to change the rotation counterclockwise
      • Note: The direction is embossed on the casting of the pump (fig. 14)
      • Pump direction looking down from the top should be counterclockwise

Fig 14

  • Check system pressure to make sure guage and screen match (min 100 psi – max 200 psi)
    • Check for leaks
    • Check the system pressure gauge (fig. 15.1) on the main manifold and the pump’s screen (fig 15.2)

Fig 15.1

Fig 15.2

  • Override each function in your tunnel controller (one at a time) to ensure that the pump turns on with each function. Both the liquid and air solenoid should open. 
    • Check for leaks at the poly tube connections
    • Confirm each solenoid din coil. LED illuminates when energized (fig. 16)

Fig 16

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