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dispenseIT Manual – Tuning Applications

Table of contents

Injector Sizing #

  • Your dispenseIT arrives configured from the factory. Each function will have the appropriately sized injector pre-installed based on the customer submitted configuration form
  • Install metering tips into the barb of the injector (fig. 17.1)
    • Consult your chemical solutions provider for dilution rates. Use the charts below as a reference for selecting the appropriate size metering tip based on injector size
  • Install a ¼” chemical compatible hose from the chemical barrels to the injector barb (fig. 17.2)
    • Install chemical compatible foot valves for each function on the draw side of the hose. (The part of the hose that rests inside of the product barrel) 
      • Recommended: Use a 3’ piece of PVC pipe for the line to run through to keep the suction straight down in your chemical barrel (fig. 17.3)

Fig 17.1

Fig. 17.2

Fig 17.3

  • Refer to the troubleshooting guide on page 21 if
    • an injector is not drawing any chemical
    • an injector draws the chemical for only a brief moment
    • an injector has a low but consistent vacuum chemical draw 
  • Refer to the applicator chart below for a starting point

Injector Chart

Flow and Dilution Table

Flow and Dilution Data for Standard Rockets

Standard Rockets Table

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