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rinseIT Manual – Installation

Assemble The Bare Arch #

  • Lay the 8’ tall legs and the 12’ cross bar on the floor
    • Lay one leg on the driver’s side of the conveyor and one leg on the passenger’s side of the conveyor
    • Lay the cross bar perpendicular to the conveyor
  • Install the hardware (fig. 1.1-1.2)
    • Insert (2) ½” x 4” SS u-bolts in the holes on top of the legs
    • Install ½” flat washers on bolts
    • Install ½” split lock washers on bolts
    • Install ½” nuts on bolts
    • Apply antiseize lubricant on all threads

Bare Arch Assembly

  • Slide the cross bar under the u-bolts on both legs
  • Tighten the u-bolts to snug
  • Stand the arch up with the help from of an equipment lift
  • Once your are satisfied with the placement of the arch, anchor the arch to the concrete floor
  • Anchors should be a minimum of ½”-4.50”. Stainless steel is recommended
  • Verify that the legs are square and plumb using a 4’ level
  • Tighten all remaining hardware

Install/Connect Provided Drive Linkages #

  • Apply antiseize lubricant to all threads
  • Place the drive linkage between the oscillate flywheel that is mounted to the gearbox and the oscillate pitman arm that is mounted to the manifold assembly (fig. 2.1)
  • Install the 3/8” shoulder bolt through the spherical rod end
  • Install a  3/8” flat washer
  • Install a 3/8” nut as a jam nut
  • Thread the shoulder bolt into flywheel/pitman arm the whole way (fig. 2.2)
  • While holding the shoulder bolt with allen wrench, use a 9/16” wrench and tighten the 3/8” nut
  • Apply antiseize lubricant on all threads

rinseIT Linkages

  • Repeat for the other side of the arch
  • Repeat for the top oscillator (fig. 3.1-3.2)
  • Generally the top oscillating manifold is on the entrance side of the arch

rinseIT Linkages

  • The amount of oscillation (throw) of each manifold can be adjusted in two ways:
    • Adjusting the shoulder bolt location in the driveshaft plate (fig 4.1)
    • Adjusting the shoulder bolt locations on the manifold’s pitman arm (fig. 4.2)

rinseIT Linkages


Install Hoses #

  • Install the stainless steel mounts for the high pressure stainless steel tubing
    • When making hose connections it is best to keep the mounts on the vertical legs as close as possible to the connection points of the tubing for stability
    • Evenly space the mounts across the top evenly
    • Apply antiseize lubricant to all threads
  • Connect the high-pressure hose from the backroom pump to the stainless steel tubing
  • Connect the provided high-pressure hose from the stainless steel tubing to the manifold on both the driver and passenger sides

Wire The Electric Motor    #

WARNING! To be performed by qualified electrician

  • Have a qualified electrician install conduit/wire to the manifold motor
  • Ensure that the junction box cover and gasket are in place and tightened evenly
  • Ensure that the incoming conduit is entering the bottom of the junction box
  • Follow the local/ state/ national electrical codes

Flush The Lines & Check Leaks #

  • Turn on the oscillators and check for any binding in the linkage
  • Adjust the oscillation speed according to your specific needs
  • Turn on the pump and flush out the lines for a minimum of 10 minutes
  • Install the desired nozzles onto the manifold
  • Ensure that there are no leaks
  • Ensure that all remaining hardware is tightened

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