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rinseIT Manual – Introduction

Introduction #

  • The manufacturer innovateIT Car Wash Equipment LLC is committed to the continuous improvement of its equipment construction quality and the safe operation of its equipment.

Warranty #

  • This manual covers installation, intended use and maintenance of the rinseIT High-Pressure Arch. Intended use also means that all specifications in these instructions must be followed. Any use beyond the intended use is considered to be misuse.
  • This product is covered by a 1-year limited warranty from the date of shipping. This warranty shall be void and of no effect if:
    • Any installation defect that was apparent or ascertainable at the time of installation was completed but was not promptly reported to innovateIT Car Wash Equipment LLC.
    • Damage occurs due to the customer’s failure to observe any instructions from innovateIT Car Wash Equipment or an authorized distributor and/or requirements of the manufacturer with respect to the product.
    • The breach results from misuse of the equipment as outlined in the instruction manual.

Safety Information #

  • The instructions in this manual provide you with the information necessary to install and operate the rinseIT.
  • Before starting installation, the instruction manual should be carefully read and understood.
  • This relates to the operation, maintenance, cleaning and troubleshooting of the equipment. This applies particularly to the Safety Instructions listed.
  • The basic pre-requisite for safe working is compliance with all the safety and handling instructions stated in this instruction.
  • Furthermore, follow all local accident, hazard prevention regulations or general safety regulations when installing and operating the rinseIT.
  • Operation, maintenance, cleaning and troubleshooting of the equipment must only be carried out by trained
  • innovateIT Car Wash Equipment LLC does accept liability for accidents or damages due to negligence or disregard for the instructions in this manual. Also, the Company does accept liability for damages due to improper use of the equipment.


This manual constitutes an integral part of the rinseIT and must accompany the machine in every movement or resale.

  • It should always be kept in a safe and easily accessibly place near the equipment’s site of installation and operation and should be available for the operator at the user site at any time.
  • If the manual is damaged, lost or misplaced, you should immediately request a new copy from innovateIT Car Wash Equipment LLC.

Safety Instructions #

  • Maintenance personnel who service or repair the rinseIT High Pressure Arch should demonstrate knowledge regarding control of hazardous energy sources and work conditions specific to high pressure arches and equipment.

General Work Area Hazards

  • Hearing protection should be used by all personnel working in the equipment room and wash tunnel due to the pumps, blowers, and high-pressure water sprays.
  • Slip-resistant and chemical-resistant footwear should be worn by personnel working in the equipment room and car wash tunnel due to water, sludge, grease, wax, and potentially undiluted chemicals on the floor. Calf-high safety-toed rubber boots are recommended.
  • Work gloves are recommended to better grip wet or greasy equipment and tools and as protection from sharp edges on wheel blaster equipment in the car wash tunnel.

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