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wheelblastIT Manual – Testing the System

Table of contents

Testing The System #

  • Override tunnel controller function and verify that the LED on relay CR#1 lights up
    • If using tire eyes, place a hand in front of eyes and verify that input #1 on the PLC lights up
    • If using a treadle switch, step on treadle pad and verify that input #1 on the PLC lights up
  • With the conveyor running, check main screen to verify that the “conveyor bit lamp” is green in collar
  • With the conveyor running, check the main screen to verify that the “pulse bit lamp” is flashing from red to green every time you get a pulse
  • If rotation is correct, home sensors are functioning, pulse signal is correct, and conveyor bit lamp is lit, proceed to the next step.
    • If any of the above conditions are not met do not proceed. Return to previous steps to determine the issue.

Test Screen Setting

  • With conveyor running press the “test Move 1” button

Test Move 1

  • The trolleys should move to the end of their travel path, stopping roughly ¾” from the rubber bumper, then return to the “home” position
    • If the trolleys hit the end bumper, reduce the travel distance
    • If the trolleys stop farther than ¾”  from the end bumper, increase the travel distance
  • If travel distance is correct, press the “test continuous” button
    • The trolleys will continue to travel back and forth.
    • When satisfied with the motion, press the “test continuous” button once more to terminate the test procedure.
  • Once rotation has been verified, press “Force REV” to return the trolleys to the “home” position (trolleys should stop roughly ¾” before hitting the bumper)

Force Rev Button

Test Car #

  • Program and send a car through the wash
    • Verify that the wheelblastIT starts moving with the wheel
    • If the motion starts late, reduce the “WB start position” number
    • If the motion starts early, increase the  “WB start position” number

Conveyor Setup

  • Contact support staff if you have any trouble or questions

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